• Are you a professional looking for a new position or a raise?
  • Maybe you’re a business owner, planning to give a vital pitch or presentation?
  • Or you’ve been asked to give a speech at your best friend’s wedding…?

Would you like the confidence to enjoy speaking in public?

  • We know that speaking is a big deal for many of us. In surveys done on things adults fear, it tops the list.  So maybe no surprise that we often leave it to chance or in the worst case scenario, just leave it.  We decide it is impossible, thereby denying our loved ones or colleagues our unique contribution. We may also regret it for ever. Some of those opportunities truly never come round again!
  • I can help with improving your speaking confidence and trust in your own abilities to speak well, when it matters most: an a business event, at work, or at a wedding!
  • BBC Breakfast Sofa 10.8.2013

    BBC Breakfast: practising what I teach!

    In the last 10 years I’ve now coached just over 2k people to find their way to speak well, from the heart, when it matters most.

  • It means a lot to me to know that others out there are overcoming the blocks and finding the tools and courage to shine: ‘to feel the fear, and speak anyway’.
  • If you have ever found yourself stuck, fearful and unsure how to find the confidence (courage) to move forward; rest assured – it can be easier than you think.
  • It is possible: I’ve seen it over and over and over… A few hours of practice with an encouraging coach, will make the world of difference. We all deserve to have our voice heard: to speak well when it matters most.
  • As a speaker who is also a recovering shy person, I know what it takes. I’ve been there. I’ve worked with my own fear over and over, and had to practice what I teach; no more so than appearing on live TV! Contact here.