• Have you ever felt the need for help in an ongoing situation where differences are difficult to resolve?
    • I offer skilled mediation of work, family or housing disputes.
  • Would you like to feel the confidence others seem to exude and learn to enjoy speaking in public?
    • I can help with speaking, interview and presentation skills.
  • Do you struggle knowing what to wear?
    • I’ve been there and can offer help in personal presentation: look good, feel good!
  • Are you on the verge, or mid burnout?
    • I know how that feels: slow coaching is stress management and extreme self care: focus on what needs to be done or not done, next.

If you have ever found yourself needing someone to act as a practical, empathic and encouraging supporter in the following areas, do get in touch. It can make the world of difference:

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BBC Breakfast Sofa 10.8.2013

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