• Everybody we meet is fighting a battle we cannot see.’. It is the biggest gift to listen. We are encouraging each other to be more open with #timetotalk and working to destigmatise all things mental-health related. So we need to know how to truly hear someone else. A one-day workshop or even a ‘lunch & learn’, will help your people feel more connection in work and life. Make being a compassionate listener a ‘perk’ of the job. 
  • Build confidence by being yourself. It’s not just you: workplaces are fraught with challenges. Speaking in public is a big deal for nearly everyone. Feel the fear and learn to speak: it will help you progress, be seen for your true talents and inspire others. Half of any rooms could tend towards being introverted and less likely to speak up. Don’t let that talent stay hidden: bring it out with coaching or workshops – help people shine!
  • Resolve difficult relationships at work.  Mediation works: it gives people a chance to be heard, understood and have a difficult, but necessary conversation. It can feel stressful at the time, but often is hugely relief-inducing for those involved, transforms their stress and has a very high success rate, 90-95%. Help people resolve differences, re-frame conflict and grow in personal esteem through face-to-face communication

Privileged to deliver workshops for Macmillan Cancer Support