Maggie's Photos 2013868“You manage to make others feel confident, calm and natural…”

The common thread in my life’s work and experience, is the search for ways to communicate who we are and what we believe in.  I started my working life as an art teacher in an inner London secondary school, the year after the Broadwater Farm riots. It was great to see those kids progress and find ways to articulate their identity.

In that time I started my own personal development journey. I needed to find a way to get my own voice heard: to understand what I truly want in life. It’s taken me on many programmes: from Assertiveness to Firewalking to looking at Shame and it’s impact in my own life. I understand first-hand the challenges and rewards of finding the confidence to speak up. To be me.

Today, I have built a set of skills backed up by much personal and professional experience. I’m known by clients to be a warm and engaging coach, trainer and speaker. As a mediator, I am an effective and supportive mediator helping others to find resolution.

I’ve worked with a diverse clientele: from hospital consultants to teenagers; from laboratory research staff to prisoners. All have in common the need to communicate their needs and values successfully: to get their message across.

We all have a fundamental human need to be heard: I am developing new workshops on learning to listen: to hear what is said, not said and ‘between the lines’.

I offer you my enthusiasm, experience and passion for the ever evolving art of communication in whatever context. I’m happy to say that I’m successful at mediating conflicts to positive resolutions for those involved.  It’s very rewarding train or coach others to gain skills and confidence to speak in public, to come more into their strengths and move towards achieving their goals. Meanwhile, I am shown what it is that I need to do better.

Areas Of Expertise

  • Get Your Message Across: coaching confident speaking skills: speak from the heart at work, for a wedding or keynote speech.
  • Listening & Responding: a light hearted workshop on the serious subject of listening.
  • Slow Coaching: recovery from doing too much.
  • Mediation of workplace, health or housing disputes


  • Coaching for Business
  • Certificate in Mediation Skills
  • Foundation Year in Psychosynthesis
  • Certificate in Counselling Skills
  • Post Graduate Certificate in Education
  • BA Hons Graphic Design& Illustration

Maggie 07960 371574